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Few words about our technology stack

In this post we are going to get a little bit geeky and technical. We are going to talk about the behind the scene of our site in terms of the technology we use and the companies we hire for their services.

Our website is on the back end a blog based on wordpress with a premium paid theme. It uses php 5.4 and mysql and runs on an apache server. Pretty standard when it comes to everyday websites, to be honest millions of other sites use the exact same stack which makes the competition harder.

The majority of the income for our site is through advertisement and for that we need visitors, 1000s of relevant visitors and we need to be visible to our audience which in layman terms means we need to have good search engine results on Google and Bing.

In order to achieve the above objective we had to utilise the services of a web hosting provide that not only provides us with the basic services that all other provider do but also they need to have a design in place with our bing and Google objectives. We also have more than 1 site similar to this, so having an option to manage them all from a single panel is a must have feature. That is how we ended up with Smart SEO Hosting and even later became one of their resellers.

Being their reseller we might be a little bit biased but to be fair we did our research extensively before ending up with them. Here are our main reasons to pick them as our provider:

  1. First we can manage as many web site as we want in as many different datacenters as we want from a single location
  2. For all our domains we get Free SSL certificates which is a huge addon when it comes to SEO
  3. Our data is behind DDos protected servers
  4. Our data goes through web application firewalls
  5. Being on SSD harddrives we get extremely fast IO
  6. Their servers are HTTP 2 compatible and now Google bot also supports HTTP 2


Magnetic Wall Paint

Magnetic paint turns any wall into a magnetic-attracting space. Just like a refrigerator, the user can stick their favorite magnets onto the wall when it is finished. Magnetic wall paint can be applied to any wall just like regular paint. The beauty that allows magnetic paint to fully work is its magnetic components in the mixture. Every can contains iron particles to attract magnets.

When magnetic paint is first purchased, be sure to have the store shake up the can before leaving the store. This prevents the iron particles from settling on the bottom. Magnetic paint can be found in any paint, hardware, home improvement, or craft store. Searching online provides a wider array of different types, colors, and brands. Magnet paint should be applied with roughly three to four thick coats. Wait at least fifteen to thirty minutes in between each coat for the best results. sells a can of magnetic wall paint for $23.34. This product is called “Magnamagic Magnetic Receptive Wall Paint” and it comes in one quart. Shipped and sold by Hardware World, Magnamagic Wall Paint is child-safe and non hazardous. Each can will cover 25 square feet. It was given 3.9 out of 5 stars, so users are mostly satisfied with the product. It is important to remember that the paint must be spread thickly and not too thin, or otherwise the magnetic properties will not work. Most people report 100% success with the product as long as it was applied correctly.

Another option to consider is Home Depot’s Rust-Oleum Specialty 3 oz Black Flat Magnetic Latex Primer. This item goes for $19.98 and can dry in as little as fifteen minutes. Use this primer first, then paint over it with either magnetic paint or regular paint. Using magnetic paint over magnetic primer will produce the best results. It can cover an area of up to 33 square feet. Many users reported success with the product.
Magnetic wall paint can work wonders as long as the user knows what they are doing. Applying it too quickly or sloppily will not produce the desired results. Be sure to follow all the directions and be patient for the paint to dry.

How to Make a Chalkboard

Making a chalkboard right at home is entirely possible as long as the user has the time and the right materials. Most of the tools and materials can be purchased from any home improvement or hardware store, and most of them are fairly inexpensive. There are numerous online resources that will provide instructions on how to make a chalkboard.

First, pick a flat surface that will be used as the chalkboard. A mirror or an unused picture frame will work best. Then get the surface ready by sanding it off to make it perfectly smooth. Make sure there is no debris left, or the paint will not adhere to the surface very well. Next, apply two to three coats of chalkboard paint. Chalkboard paint can be purchased online on the Google shopping section.

Krylon makes their own chalkboard paint which is safe and reliable. Apply it to the flat surface chosen for the job. Make sure each coat is dry before applying the next coat, and that the house is properly ventilated. Chalkboard paint is also available in a spray form, but it won’t work as well as the paint and will probably take more coats.

If making a mess is an issue, the user can always make their chalkboard outside. This is also a safer method because they won’t be breathing in the chemicals like they will inside. An alternative method for how to make a chalkboard is by grabbing a piece of plywood of any size, then lay it on a flat surface; such as a bench. To prevent paint from getting anywhere, covers the surface with newspapers will work.

Smooth out the edges of the plywood with sandpaper. Make sure the plywood is completely free of debris when sanding is finished. Lean the plywood against something, then spray it with some aerosol primer. Wait for it to dry before continuing. Then paint over the aerosol spray with chalkboard coating aerosol. This will take about three days to fully dry. When it is dried, take some regular chalk (preferably the outdoor kind because it’s big) and cover the entire completed surface. Erase the chalk, and the product is completed.

Magnetic Whiteboard Paint

Magnetic whiteboard paint simply refers to turning any whiteboard into a magnetic wall. This may seem like an odd concept, but for an unusable or underused whiteboard, turning it into a magnetic space can be a great convenience. Turning a whiteboard into a magnetic wall is as easy as turning any regular wall magnetic. The most important thing to remember about changing anything to contain magnetic properties is that magnetic paint is needed.

It is possible to construct a giant magnet, but this will take more time and probably more money. Magnetic paint is easy to locate and most home improvement, craft, and hardware stores carry it somewhere. The Home Depot has some decent magnetic paint, which many people have reported success with.

Here are some easy tips for creating a magnetic whiteboard. First, purchase some magnetic primer. Then buy some idea paint. Idea paint is dry erase formula which transforms any surface into a dry erase canvas. This can be found at Clean the area intended for use with using soap and water and sanding down any rough edges.

Apply anywhere from two to four coats of magnetic paint. Wait for the magnetic paint to COMPLETELY dry, then apply some of the idea paint. Dry erase markers and magnets will now work without a problem.

Magnetic whiteboard paint is a fantastic way to bring out some creativity in any home. Children will love the idea of not only being able to use a whiteboard for drawing their favorite designs and letters, but applying magnets too. This is an excellent idea for teaching young children their ABC’s and 123’s, and adults will have just as much fun as kids.

Magnetic whiteboard paint has been mostly known for its success, as long as the surface is created properly. Magnetic paint is inexpensive and whiteboard paint can be bought in large quantities.

Does magnetic paint work?

Does magnetic paint work? It does if applied properly. Many people are curious as to the wonders of magnetic paint and if it really works on walls and other surfaces or not. Magnetic paint does work, but the user must be patient and apply exactly as instructed. Doing it quickly or sloppily will not produce the desired results. The magnets will only stick if the magnetic paint works to its full potential.

The proof is in the mixture. Magnetic paint contains iron particles in its components, which attract magnets when it dries. Just like any other paint on the market, magnetic paint requires about three to four coats to fully work. There are several ways to make a magnetic wall. The most popular way is by buying a can of magnetic paint and applying thick paint on the wall, waiting about 30 minutes in between each of the four coats. Another way people apply magnetic paint is by buying magnetic primer and using it as a base. This should still be applied with about three to four coats.

Then either paint over it with a couple coats of magnetic paint or just regular paint. Magnetic paint will produce better results, but regular paint can work for flat or light magnets. Make sure the house is properly ventilated while painting, especially if there are children around.

Magnetic paint will work correctly as long as the user is patient with their time. Flat surfaces work the best, and using as many magnetic materials as possible will allow for more magnetism.