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Magnetic paint refers to paint primer with magnetic components in its mixture. This type of paint is ideal for homes with children. Many people are fascinated with the concept of a magnetic wall, and some use it for their artistic abilities. Magnetic primer is a safe chemical and is recommended for use around children ages 12 and up. This type of paint can effectively be applied to walls or other surfaces in about a day, as long as it’s used correctly. There are a few methods and suggestions for using this type of paint that can have a drastic affect on the finished results.

When applying magnetic paint, be sure to wear old clothes and latex gloves. Magnetic primer easily stains and does not come out of clothes or skin easily. The house should also be properly ventilated and children should be kept away during the application process. For the best results, apply three-four coats on the surface. Wait at least fifteen minutes between each coat. Lastly, use a foam roller instead of a paint brush; it’s quicker and less frustrating.
There are several places that sell magnetic primer or similar items. Many craft stores or home improvement stores carry this paint, or it can be ordered online.

The magic of magnetic paint lies in its mixture. The component that differentiates it from other paints is the iron dust blended into the substance. Iron particles are the core reason for the magnetism. This means that when a can magnetic primer is just purchased, it should be shaken thoroughly to distribute the iron dust throughout the mixture.

The brush should also be swirled around in the can while it’s being used to prevent them from settling at the bottom. The more coats applied to the wall will determine the strength of its ability to hold magnets. Heavier magnets will stick onto heavier paint. Three to four coats should be applied automatically, and if the user wishes for more magnetic force, they can apply more coats. The paint will never be as strong as a fridge, but it can still hold up to 0.52 pounds with at least six coats.


For new-timers interested in purchasing magnetic primer materials, visiting the local craft store or shopping on Google is a good way to go. Google offers a Krylon Magnetic Spray Paint in their shopping section for $12.65. This can is only 13 oz and it’s a spray, not paint. It might not sound like much, but it’s a good way to start, especially for those who have never painted with magnetic materials before.

Home Depot is featuring the Rust-Oleum Specialty 30 oz Black Flat Magnetic Latex Primer for $19.98. This product is better suited for people who have experience using magnetic materials to paint.
Magnetic primer may seem like an outrageous concept, but plenty of people have had success with it in their homes. It’s a more exciting way to display magnets on a surface than a fridge and it will keep the kids occupied.