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Magnetic paint simply refers to a type of paint which contains magnetic ingredients in the mixture. It’s a safe substance that can be used on the walls in children’s rooms. This type of paint is a revolutionary invention, because actual magnets can be applied to items that it’s been applied to. So whether it’s a wall, the ceiling, a chair, or anything that can be painted, real magnetic pieces will stick on to it. Magnet paint also comes in the form of a spray can. When using this type of paint, it is suggested to use two to three coats for the best results.

This way it not only looks thick and appealing, but the magnetic qualities will work to their full potential. Just like regular paint, magnetic paint works on numerous surfaces. It is recommended for use on ceramic, plaster, glass, metal, drywall, masonry, metal, paper, or wood. This specific type of paint can normally be found online, but it’s somewhat difficult to find. The customer should be completely aware of how it works before they try to purchase it.

Many people with kids in the home appreciate the idea of magnets sticking to paint. Just like kids have a fun time sticking their magnets to the fridge (or any other metal objects in the home), they can have a great time sticking various magnets to the walls. Magnets work much better for hanging artwork up than taped-up pictures, because it won’t present the same problems as tape. Tape destroys walls and rips off pieces of the paint when pulled off, but magnets can make for a clean break.

Magnetic paint should still be used with caution and care. Kids should never be the ones to use this paint. They can help out during the process, but the actual application needs to be done by an adult. This specific type of paint is mainly intended for children 12 years and older.
People have several different helpful tips to say about magnet paints and sprays. Most people report success with it, as long as it is used correctly. For the Lowe’s magnetic primer, people suggest using three to four coats on the walls (other objects may require less paint). It also has a strong chemical smell to it, just like any other paint. Make sure to open windows and/or doors when painting.


This paint does not wash off skin easily; so use latex gloves and wear old clothes during the activity. When purchasing the can of paint from the store or in the mail, it needs to be shaken THOROUGHLY before every use. Try having the supplier shake it before leaving the store. If it is not shaken, the magnetic components will rest on the bottom and the mixture will not fully work the way it’s supposed to. And although this paint has strong magnetic materials in the mixture, it will not work like a fridge or a metal cabinet. Don’t be surprised when big, heavy magnets don’t stick to it. Some suggest using Neodymium magnets for decoration.

Use a foam roller to apply the paint; it will be the most efficient and long-lasting method. Be patient while waiting for the coats to dry before applying another coat. Many suggest waiting at least thirty minutes in between coats, allowing proper ventilation during the process.
There are several inventive ways to use magnet paint to its full potential. It has many more possibilities than just covering the wall for a makeshift magnet board. Some people use it to cover an old table top, so that people can walk by and make whatever shapes and designs they want. For some added creativity, find an old, round table no longer in use. Cover it with at least three coats of magnetic primer, making sure to shake the can in between each use. Allow the final coat to dry, then use a permanent marker to draw a gigantic spiral around the entire area of the table. Make sure the spiral goes with the grain of the table design. Then take any magnets; preferably plain circular shapes (which can be found at any craft or kids art store) and place them all over the spiral. Now the old, dusty table has a decorative use; and an original one at that.

Magnetic paint is a fairly recent invention which has mostly been known to achieve success. As long as it is correctly used, there’s no reason it can’t turn a wall or any other surface into a magnetic art show. Children and adults alike enjoy the magic of this concept. Using magnetic primer in the home is an original way to be crafty.