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Magnetic whiteboard paint simply refers to turning any whiteboard into a magnetic wall. This may seem like an odd concept, but for an unusable or underused whiteboard, turning it into a magnetic space can be a great convenience. Turning a whiteboard into a magnetic wall is as easy as turning any regular wall magnetic. The most important thing to remember about changing anything to contain magnetic properties is that magnetic paint is needed.

It is possible to construct a giant magnet, but this will take more time and probably more money. Magnetic paint is easy to locate and most home improvement, craft, and hardware stores carry it somewhere. The Home Depot has some decent magnetic paint, which many people have reported success with.

Here are some easy tips for creating a magnetic whiteboard. First, purchase some magnetic primer. Then buy some idea paint. Idea paint is dry erase formula which transforms any surface into a dry erase canvas. This can be found at Clean the area intended for use with using soap and water and sanding down any rough edges.

Apply anywhere from two to four coats of magnetic paint. Wait for the magnetic paint to COMPLETELY dry, then apply some of the idea paint. Dry erase markers and magnets will now work without a problem.


Magnetic whiteboard paint is a fantastic way to bring out some creativity in any home. Children will love the idea of not only being able to use a whiteboard for drawing their favorite designs and letters, but applying magnets too. This is an excellent idea for teaching young children their ABC’s and 123’s, and adults will have just as much fun as kids.

Magnetic whiteboard paint has been mostly known for its success, as long as the surface is created properly. Magnetic paint is inexpensive and whiteboard paint can be bought in large quantities.