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Does magnetic paint work? It does if applied properly. Many people are curious as to the wonders of magnetic paint and if it really works on walls and other surfaces or not. Magnetic paint does work, but the user must be patient and apply exactly as instructed. Doing it quickly or sloppily will not produce the desired results. The magnets will only stick if the magnetic paint works to its full potential.

The proof is in the mixture. Magnetic paint contains iron particles in its components, which attract magnets when it dries. Just like any other paint on the market, magnetic paint requires about three to four coats to fully work. There are several ways to make a magnetic wall. The most popular way is by buying a can of magnetic paint and applying thick paint on the wall, waiting about 30 minutes in between each of the four coats. Another way people apply magnetic paint is by buying magnetic primer and using it as a base. This should still be applied with about three to four coats.

Then either paint over it with a couple coats of magnetic paint or just regular paint. Magnetic paint will produce better results, but regular paint can work for flat or light magnets. Make sure the house is properly ventilated while painting, especially if there are children around.

Magnetic paint will work correctly as long as the user is patient with their time. Flat surfaces work the best, and using as many magnetic materials as possible will allow for more magnetism.