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Believe it or not, there is actually a paint out there that has a use besides just looking pretty on the wall. Magnet paint can look just as pretty as regular paint and has the power to attract regular refrigerator magnets. The power of this paint lies deep in the mixture, where iron bits are part of the mix. The iron particles are what make the magnets stick to the paint. This is why when the paint is purchased, it is strongly suggested to shake it up before opening; this way the magnetic particles are equally distributed.

This type of paint can be bought at basically any craft store or the craft section of department stores, and home improvement stores like Home Depot. It’s not expensive and it’s been said to work really well if applied correctly.

When applying a magnetic primer, make sure the house is ventilated and dress for the occasion. Paint containing magnetic material does not come out of skin or clothes very easily. Apply at least three to four coats and wait fifteen to thirty minutes in between each coat. Use a foam brush to apply the paint; it works better and faster than a paintbrush. Sometimes more than four coats are required and could run up to six, but in normal circumstances four is all that is needed. The more coats of paint will directly influence how heavy/how many magnets will stick to the wall.

Most people try to use rare earth magnets for magnetic walls. When in the process of painting, make sure to swirl the roller around in the can so that the iron particles don’t settle on the bottom. Don’t allow children around during this process; the paint isn’t unsafe, but it’s never a good idea to have kids around any type of paint.

Magnetic paint doesn’t have to just be used for walls. People have tried it out on several surfaces; including table tops, dressers, chalkboards, and whiteboards. Anywhere where regular paint can be used, magnetic primer can probably be used too. This type of paint is a great way to decorate kids’ rooms, because not only will it look pretty, but it will be fun for the kids to keep occupied as well. Paint containing magnetic material has been said to make walls a little rougher because the mixture is thicker than regular paint. That won’t affect the look of the wall, however.

There are several different forms of magnetic paint on the market. The most common is generally contained in a common paint can just like other kinds of paint. However, some places offer it in a spray can form. This is a fun activity for the whole family, but it won’t work nearly as well as using the paint primer. LYT website offers magnetic additive mixes, which can mix with any white primer for a white magnetic base. The additive comes in a powdered form and costs $50 for a gallon.


The Google shopping section also offers several different choices of magnetic primer. One of their top choices is the Martha Stewart Magnetic Effect Paint. This paint is four oz for $6.99. Google also has the Magic Wall Magnetic Paint, one gallon, for $139.95. It is pre-mixed, lead free, and water based. When purchasing magnetic primer, make sure to read all the instructions on the can carefully before using, especially if it’s a new or unfamiliar product.

There are endless possibilities for using magnet paint. One is to paint all the walls in a child’s room with their favorite color of paint. Buy some single letter magnets (those are available almost anywhere) and write their name all over the walls. They’ll love the idea and want to play with the letters constantly. For a more unique idea, magnetic primer can always be used on an unused table. Make sure the table is completely clean and free of debris, then coat it with magnetic primer. Place several family photographs on the table, sticking them to it with magnets. The idea is to be an original collage. Then, of course, there’s the chalkboard idea: coat a regular chalkboard with magnetic primer and decorate the border and the middle with decorate magnets. This could also be used as a learning tool to teach small children their ABC’s and 123’s.

Magnet paint has loads of possibilities and can be purchased easily and inexpensively. As long as it’s applied the correct way, there’s no reason every room in the house can’t benefit from it.