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Magnetic paint is a special type of paint which includes magnetic components, like iron particles. The iron bits are what make the paint “magnetic” when it dries. Many people with children enjoy this type of paint because it makes a fun family activity and it beats using the fridge for all the magnets. However, there are mixed feelings about magnetic paint and whether it really works. Magnetic paint reviews are satisfied for the most part, but some people think of it as an utter failure.

Most people say that magnetic paint works well if it’s used properly. This means the wall, or whatever surface is used, needs at least three to four coats for full efficiency. The magnets will not stick very well to surfaces with light paint and heavy magnets are almost always guaranteed not to work.
Another downfall to using magnetic paint is that due to the iron particles, the texture is very rough when it is finished. While regular paint is usually smooth on surfaces when it’s dry, magnetic paint can make a surface rougher and edgier. This doesn’t affect its ability to attract magnets, however.
Some magnetic paint reviews state that even with multiple coats, the paint does not hold magnets very well. It can still look fine as a regular paint, but for some people it doesn’t do the job it’s supposed to, which is attract magnets.

On the other hand, some magnetic paint reviews are claiming that magnetic paint is a miracle worker and is bound to work, every time. It really depends on how determined and patient the person is who is applying it. Brand can make a huge difference as well. Buying a cheap brand of magnetic paint might not be a good way to go, because it may not contain as many iron particles as the more expensive brands. Magnetic paint has mixed reviews, but the idea behind it really is amazing.