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In this post we are going to get a little bit geeky and technical. We are going to talk about the behind the scene of our site in terms of the technology we use and the companies we hire for their services.

Our website is on the back end a blog based on wordpress with a premium paid theme. It uses php 5.4 and mysql and runs on an apache server. Pretty standard when it comes to everyday websites, to be honest millions of other sites use the exact same stack which makes the competition harder.

The majority of the income for our site is through advertisement and for that we need visitors, 1000s of relevant visitors and we need to be visible to our audience which in layman terms means we need to have good search engine results on Google and Bing.

In order to achieve the above objective we had to utilise the services of a web hosting provide that not only provides us with the basic services that all other provider do but also they need to have a design in place with our bing and Google objectives. We also have more than 1 site similar to this, so having an option to manage them all from a single panel is a must have feature. That is how we ended up with Smart SEO Hosting and even later became one of their resellers.

Being their reseller we might be a little bit biased but to be fair we did our research extensively before ending up with them. Here are our main reasons to pick them as our provider:

  1. First we can manage as many web site as we want in as many different datacenters as we want from a single location
  2. For all our domains we get Free SSL certificates which is a huge addon when it comes to SEO
  3. Our data is behind DDos protected servers
  4. Our data goes through web application firewalls
  5. Being on SSD harddrives we get extremely fast IO
  6. Their servers are HTTP 2 compatible and now Google bot also supports HTTP 2