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Making a chalkboard right at home is entirely possible as long as the user has the time and the right materials. Most of the tools and materials can be purchased from any home improvement or hardware store, and most of them are fairly inexpensive. There are numerous online resources that will provide instructions on how to make a chalkboard.

First, pick a flat surface that will be used as the chalkboard. A mirror or an unused picture frame will work best. Then get the surface ready by sanding it off to make it perfectly smooth. Make sure there is no debris left, or the paint will not adhere to the surface very well. Next, apply two to three coats of chalkboard paint. Chalkboard paint can be purchased online on the Google shopping section.

Krylon makes their own chalkboard paint which is safe and reliable. Apply it to the flat surface chosen for the job. Make sure each coat is dry before applying the next coat, and that the house is properly ventilated. Chalkboard paint is also available in a spray form, but it won’t work as well as the paint and will probably take more coats.

If making a mess is an issue, the user can always make their chalkboard outside. This is also a safer method because they won’t be breathing in the chemicals like they will inside. An alternative method for how to make a chalkboard is by grabbing a piece of plywood of any size, then lay it on a flat surface; such as a bench. To prevent paint from getting anywhere, covers the surface with newspapers will work.


Smooth out the edges of the plywood with sandpaper. Make sure the plywood is completely free of debris when sanding is finished. Lean the plywood against something, then spray it with some aerosol primer. Wait for it to dry before continuing. Then paint over the aerosol spray with chalkboard coating aerosol. This will take about three days to fully dry. When it is dried, take some regular chalk (preferably the outdoor kind because it’s big) and cover the entire completed surface. Erase the chalk, and the product is completed.