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Magnetic spray paint refers to magnetic paint in a spray can form. Magnetic paint is composed of regular paint materials and iron bits to make it magnetic. At least three to four coats of it must be applied for full effectiveness. Magnetic paint works well on walls, chalkboards, whiteboards, or any surface where regular paint can be used. Spray paint is only meant for small areas, because trying to use it on large areas won’t be very effective and the magnets won’t stick when it’s finished.

The only known spray paint consistent with magnetic materials on the market is Krylon Magnetic Spray Paint. This item can be found at dick blick site. This spray paint can be used by itself or as a primer with any other Krylon spray. It’s 13 ounces and costs $12.65. For some added assurance before purchasing this product, there are several user reviews available on dick blick website and other websites that sell Krylon Spray Paint.

One person gave this product five stars after use. They stated that they used two very thick coats of it and let them each dry for 30 minutes. It was suggested to use a regular acrylic paint after the spray paint dried. However, some other users claim that they paint did not work well because the magnets did not stick to the finished product; even with multiple coats applied.


The best way to use magnetic spray paint is by using it as a tool with regular magnetic spray paint. Spray paint by itself may not be enough to hold magnets. For complete success, the user should paint the area with at least four coats of magnetic paint. Wait at least thirty minutes in between each coat. Then add some spray paint for some added magnetism and décor. Before opening the can, be sure to shake it fully for the best results. Magnetic paint is known to work if used properly, and the spray paint can add to the effectiveness.